Seattle Shadchan 


Rochelle Frankel is a Los Angeles native. She does a lot of traveling and enjoys meeting Jewish singles wherever she goes. She’s been matchmaking for over 30 years with amazing success.

Rochelle is incredibly plugged in to the LA singles’ scene. Not only does she work as a party planner, she helps with singles events and teaches workshops as the Professional Shadchan at an annual Pesach program.  Rochelle belongs to the LA Simcha Society that meets weekly to help local singles find their matches.

Rochelle comments that she “loves to match people up, but I also have a deep recognition of the hand of G-d in all matches. When I light Shabbos candles, I often pray that Hashem should help our singles find their basherts.”

Rochelle adds that she “is delighted to team up with Laurie and Dina to work together to use our combined resources to make more matches.”

Dina Kurshnir comes to our team from a place of giving and caring. Dina is a Registered Nurse that not only practices nursing, but teaches nursing as well. From early in the morning till late at night, Dina takes time out to match up singles.

Dina comes with four years experience as a matchmaker with Saw You at Sinai. She was helping over 40 singles at a time with matches and follow up. Dina wanted to take a step back and devote more quality time to a select number of singles who wanted to work closely with her, step by step through the shidduch process. Thus she joined Seattle Shadchan and Associates.

“I am so pleased to be working with Laurie and Rochelle. Together we bring more ideas to each other to help all of our clients.” Dina immigrated to the U.S from the Ukraine and has many Russian clients. She also has Russian matchmaker contacts who work closely with her. Dina is an inexhaustible powerhouse, taking the time to talk to anyone who seeks her out.

Introducing Rochelle Frankel from Los Angeles and Dina Kushnir from San Francisco 

​​Our team concentrates on servicing Modern Orthodox

(the entire spectrum), Chabad and Yeshivish Jewish singles.