Seattle Shadchan 


DB from San Fransciso: Not everyone who signs up to be a shadchan knows what they're in for, and many I have worked with over the years threw in the towel after failing to make a match. But Laurie is persistent and tenacious. Over the year that we worked together, she continuously put in a large amount of effort both directly with me and behind the scenes to keep things moving. The interaction was genuine; she followed through on every step and followed up after every date. Her guidance made our engagement a reality.

NS from Miami: I am so happy I met Laurie. I have worked with many matchmakers over the years, and she is by far the best! She is unbelievably positive, and cares so much about what she is doing. If you have the chance to work with her, grab it! 

RM from Los Angeles: Before my first date, I told Laurie I was nervous and did not know what to expect. I had dated before, yet for some reason, I was super anxious. I spoke to Laurie the night before my date and she told me it was normal to feel nervous. Then she told me to SMILE and be myself. She said, "You want him to be comfortable and feel good with you." Just those two simple tips allowed for a very smiley and smooth first date to flow into a second date! Laurie, I am so grateful to you for your advice. Just the act of smiling lit up my face (and his too) and changed the whole ambiance. Your coaching helped me mentally gear up for each meeting and I was able to be more relaxed, present and attentive to my date! Thank you for all your time, effort and help!

AB from Seattle: The Seattle Shadchan (Mrs. Young) takes the time to listen to your needs/desires in looking for one’s bashert.  She’ll also ask some of the tough questions to get one thinking about those needs/desires. 
When I’ve come to her with possibilities that I have found, she doesn’t hesitate to contact that person directly (or her references) to get a feel if there is an interest.

DS from Bellevue: I was re-entering the dating scene, having recently got divorced after being married for many years. I felt greatly reassured having access to Laurie and her wisdom (and sense of humor!). She helped guide me through this 'new' period in my life, was easygoing and super friendly to talk to, gave me excellent advice, and advised me on some tricky situations. (coaching client)

MN from Las Vegas: I would highly recommend Mrs. Laurie Young’s services. I came to her not feeling confident in myself or the matchmaking process. I now feel equipped with the proper tools to tackle dating and many of life’s challenges. If you’re in need of coaching, she should be your first choice. 

AN from Vancouver: Throughout my time with the Seattle Shadchan, Mrs. Young has has been caring, personable, and committed. She has invested much time and energy into learning about me and searching for good potential matches. 

HS from Brooklyn: If you are looking for a serious relationship that will lead to marriage and a baby carriage, Laurie is your answer. She doesn't work by just setting up two random heart beats, rather she places her emotions and feelings in your match criteria and actually will help you navigate the Rubik cube of dating. Her sincerity will be a positive force in your life and she brings out the better you. I feel lucky to have Laurie working as my matchmaker. (I mean every word)